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Fashion bags 2023 - overview of fashion trends

The fall and winter 2022-2023 fashion handbag will be a showcase of whether or not you know what's trending. Few items of clothing attract so much attention and show off your sense of style so well. If you're wondering whether it's better to choose a large tote bag or a messenger bag in the form of a flip bag, check out this publication.
Women's fashion catwalks from Milan to New York were dominated by dresses, suits and sweaters, which drove not only fashion editors and stylists crazy, but also millions of trend-lovers around the world. But it wasn't the clothes that attracted the most attention, but... the accessories, especially the handbags. For fall and winter 2022-2023, they will be the best evidence of whether you know the trends or have a few style lessons to catch up on.
The silhouettes of handbags promoted by designers for the fall/winter 2023 season are surprising in their variety. Both classic models and models with unconventional shapes dominated the fashion scene. Attractive textures, original details and rich colors.

Top winter trends for 2023 include:
- XL size shopper bags.
- Mini size models.
- Fancy bags with fur.
- Chain bags.
- Crescent-shaped handbags without ribs.
- Fashionable bags with a large logo.
- Classic and oversize clutches.
- Casual bags in travel bag style.
- Shiny bags.

Fur bags: fashionable bags 2022/23:

Fur bags, which resemble cuddly pillows to the touch, are one of the strongest trends among the bags of the season. We could see soft, plush bags at Act N1, Fendi, Loewe and Blumarine shows, for example. There is no particular style - clutch bags and mini handbags reminiscent of those in our childhood years will also be fashionable. Ideal for wearing on cooler days.

Clutches: Women's Handbags Fall-Winter 2022-23

Clutches also triumphed on the fashion scene in every issue. Givenchy and Jill Sandler went for the classics and offered leather models with a slit, while Aboud Jammal and Loewe trimmed them with warm plush. With these models you can go out in the city at any time of the day or night.

Also topical will be the over-size clutches, suitable for both evening looks and for everyday wear. They are stylish and practical. They can be carried in the hand or under the arm.

Shopper bag: fashionable bags autumn-winter 23:

An absolute must have in every woman's closet. There is no other bag that stylishly combines fashion and practicality. No fashion season can do without shopper bags, which are the favorite models of women all over the world. Elegance, classic, oversize are a few advantages that are also appreciated by the greatest fashion designers.

In addition to the basic models - classic, leather, fabric and quilted choppers will also be in demand, in a sporty style. With the difference that instead of going to the gym, they will now be a stylish addition to the winter coat.

With chains: women's handbags 2022/23:

Handbags with additional jewelry remain in fashion for many years. This time designers focus on chains. They decorate the most fashionable bags of the season Autumn-Winter 2022-23. If you like classics, choose black or brown. If you like to play with fashion, you can choose colorful bags with chains in multicolored variants. Even though we're talking about the fall and winter season, intense, saturated colors are the most recommended.
Brands such as Dion Lee, Salvatore Ferragamo and Loewe have changed the idea of bags with chains. The most fashionable models of the season Autumn-Winter 2022/23 have large and monochrome links.

Bags with a prominent logo: fashionable bags 2023

Some people love huge logos on clothing and accessories, others hate them. Large visible logos on bags are winning this season. The greatest designers and fashion houses clearly indicate that such a detail will be very in demand in the coming season. It seems that log bags stay with us longer. Models in this style have been seen on the runways of MiuMiu, Chanel, Givenchy and Fendi.

Shiny handbags for women

In the fall and winter season, designers often turn to sequins and shiny details. The same is true this year when it comes to handbags. One of the most fashionable handbags of the fall-winter 2022-23 season is glitter handbags. The more futuristic shapes and shiny handbags, the better. They are the main element of the whole image, not just an accessory.

Metallic handbags and shimmering with thousands of particles we will wear not only at carnival and party, but also every day. From Monday through Sunday. The biggest fashion houses include them in their collections: Coperni, Alexandre Vauthier, Giorgio Armani and Georges Hobeika.

Bowling bag

Retro bowling bags, fashionable for the spring/summer 2022 season, will remain on trend for the coming months. We all have days when the bigger the bag, the better. Designers know this well. For the Fall/Winter 2022-23 season, major fashion houses are promoting large bags that resemble... a travel bag. Elegant, classic, in neutral tones. They go with business outfits and office style. Perfect for women who want to always have everything on hand! We spotted them on the runway of French fashion house Miu Miu, Dior, Philipp Plein.

Small Women Bags - Bags Size XS

In contrast to the packaged shopper bags, the fall-winter season 2022/23 will also see mini-bags, which can only hold the essentials: a card, your favorite lipstick and your phone.
Mini handbags became one of the most popular trends this year. They became really popular in the Spring-Summer 2022 season and stay with us for a long time. Mini handbags appeared on the catwalks of the world's biggest fashion houses. They serve more as decoration than as a practical bag. They give an intriguing character to any style. Their function is more decorative than practical.

Geometric bags for women

One of the hottest trends in the cold months will be bags with geometric shapes. They were presented in the collections of Italian fashion houses Weinsanto, Maitrepierre, Prada.
This bag model belongs to the iconic bags of the 00's. Half-round, soft crescent-shaped handbags are usually made of tweed or soft leather. It's a great alternative for all those who are bored with the ever-present frozen necklines like choppers or trunks. Soft crescent bags are bags that combine elegance with casual style.
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