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Fashionable women's shoes in 2023

The most fashionable shoes spring-summer 2023 is a list of models that are the easiest to transfer from the catwalk to your own image. Each of the 7 pairs can be tailored to your own style. The point is not to blindly follow the trends, but to seek among them those that will conquer the individual style.
In 2023, there will be many different styles on the shoe market. In addition to classic styles such as pumps and boots, more eccentric options will be popular, such as boots with original designs and solid shoes with bright finishes.

Booties and boots

Boots are a model that is present on the catwalks of the greatest designers regardless of the season. The upcoming spring and summer 2023 will be among the expressive models that will add elegance and a pinch of sensuality to any look.
Black classic high-heeled boots will perfectly complement the images with tunics and over-size dresses. No less strong trend will be high boots with snakeskin motif. This is a design proposal that will please the maximalists. Python texture always attracts attention, regardless of the type of its presence - on shoes, handbags or as an element of styling.
Cowboy boots have been making influencers look stylish and resist the hardships of the weather for several seasons now. Not without reason they are an essential element of the Maffashion closet. Paired with an airy dress or short denim shorts, they create styles that are hard to look away from! Cowboy boots can be successfully worn with tights, making them the perfect choice for cooler spring days as well.
Booties and boots combined with a short skirt or dress, supplemented with a light coat or jacket are the absolute hit of spring 2023. However, when looking for an answer to the question of what women's shoes will look like in spring 2023, the trends will show us something more! A departure from traditional leather textures in favor of lightweight materials, as well as a twist to a wide protruding upper! Kim Kardashian, who is known for her love of adorning her creations with tall boots, will definitely benefit from these trends.

Massive shoes

The upcoming season will not cool our love for solid shoes. On the contrary, fashionable massive shoes in spring 2023 are primarily heavy platform or wedge shoes! They will triumph in the streets and public gatherings. We will use them to break down our stylizations and give them a more dashing style. There will be no shortage of ruffles and lace combined with heavy rock and roll shoes.
In 2023, voluminous shoes, such as sneakers and sneakers, will also be at the peak of popularity and can complement any look. They will be made of different materials, including leather, suede and textiles, and have original designs.
This season, even more often you will see solid shoes in bold and expressive colors, as well as in a shiny version! Interestingly, the over boots, which experienced their peak of popularity in the early 2000s, will also return.

Vietnamese or one toe shoes

For the spring-summer 2023 season, we have good news for everyone who loves flip-flops. One toe shoes with a strap are back in fashion. Havaianas are our first association, but designers and fashion designers are going even further. Now flip-flops won't just be classic anymore. New versions are also in play. High-heeled flip-flops will become relevant. With so much freedom and choice of shoes, you can now easily adapt this trend to your own style. The only question is, do we love these flip-flops and how often do we wear them?


Platforms are one of the most noticeable trends in the fashion world. Fashion designers cannot imagine the spring-summer 2023 season without platforms. This is one of the most popular styles of high heels in women's closets. The secret of their popularity is a stable heel, which guarantees comfort during wearing. Designers decided to use the functionality of this model. Fashion houses of the season spring-summer 2023 daily offer platforms in a variety of options.
Trends will include casual flip-flops inspired by high-soled sabots, wooden counter platforms, and lightweight platform boots inspired by the 90s aesthetic. In 2023, fashion designers will use this technology to create unusual shoes that will attract attention with their originality and style.

"Mary Jane"

Mary Jane shoes are a classic style that is always in fashion.
Although the Mary Jane has been a hit shoe for several years in a row, we will see this shoe in a brand new version for the Spring/Summer 2023 season. Although we know that loyal fans will still stick with their classic version. In 2023, we will see unusual interpretations of this model, such as "Mary-Jane" with a heel or with prints. Lightweight and openwork models adorned with one or more straps will now become rougher, and in some cases their low heel will be replaced by a wedge heel. What exactly will Mary Jane look like in the spring/summer of 2023? It's best to see it for yourself. Just look at the Prada, Sportmax and Versace collections.

Satin shoes

In 2023, sateen shoes will be at the peak of popularity. Satin is a material that is often used in evening gowns and other high-end clothing. This year, sateen will be used as the main material for women's shoes, including sandals, shoes and booties. Satin shoes with rhinestones, embroidery and decorative elements are also expected to be popular in 2023. This will add even more luxury and sparkle to your look. Some brands will also experiment with prints on sateen shoes, such as floral or geometric patterns. This will give you the opportunity to express your personality and add brightness to your everyday look.


The spring/summer 2023 season will also have a solid dose of flash, as metallics are a strong trend for spring/summer 2023. Sparkly fabrics were already with us last season and all indications are that they will not only be this season, but next as well. Jewels, sequins and metallized leather appeared on the runways of top designers. The motto of the designers in this trend is: "the more, the better. Valentino offers classic cut pins studded with sequins. However, it is not enough. Stylists of the fashion house complemented them with tights in the same trend - fully decorated with sparkling jewelry. Such aesthetics are promoted by GCDS. The brand's runway show was dominated by spectacular boots with oversize tops. A model of metallized leather, additionally decorated with stones, is a ready recipe for the strongest element of the evening look. Lovers of minimalism will also find suitable models for themselves, because simple sandals with lampshades are in trend.

With an open promontory

Open-toed shoes are a great choice for the summer months. In 2023, fashion designers will use this style to create a variety of models, including sandals, shoes and sandals. Although this current trend was previously considered, bad taste, for the warmer days, renowned designers Michael Kors Collection and Tod's suggest preparing yourself for mules in bright red or square white sabots.

Fishing sandals

Fishing sandals are a comfortable and practical choice for outdoor activities, which will regain its leading position. In 2023, this style will be presented in new interpretations, including models on a platform or with unusual finishing. More interesting and colorful models made of PVC will be topical.

Plastic shoes

In the coming years, we can expect a continued focus on environmental sustainability in fashion, and this will be reflected in shoe trends. Plastic shoes, previously considered not a solid choice, will get a new round of popularity thanks to the use of more sustainable materials and manufacturing techniques. A combination of comfort, functionality, sustainability and personality will define the main shoe trends for 2023. Tod's and Simone Rocha suggest choosing an interesting and comfortable pair for yourself.
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