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Types of men's shoes

There are many types of men's shoes, each suitable for different occasions. Shoes are an integral part of an outfit and can often indicate a man's class. Therefore, the modern man should have several versatile types of men's shoes. They are an important addition to the styling - both very solemn, semi-formal and completely informal. Below we give the names of men's shoes and their features, as well as advice on what situations to wear them.
Classic shoes are shoes with a closed toe and a heel, which are ideal for formal events and business meetings. They can be made of leather or artificial materials and have a simple design. The main types of shoes may include the following:
Escarpins are characterized by the highest degree of formality, so they occupy a special place among the types of men's shoes. They look like pumps or patent leather shoes: heavily varnished, always black, and they have a ribbed bow on the toe.
When to wear them: only with tailcoats and tuxedos, on very formal occasions. Escarpins are a kind of men's shoes intended exclusively for a formal image. Therefore, they should not be worn with casual clothes or suits, even the most classic ones.


Oxfords are one of the most popular types of elegant men's shoes. It is a versatile shoe that is usually associated with formal styling, but is also suitable for everyday outings. They are otherwise known as the Viennese. In the classic version, they have no embellishments and can be covered in varnish, although in this version they are combined only with a tuxedo.
When to wear: oxfords are most often chosen for formal, evening styling - with a dark suit and a white shirt. However, nothing prevents combining this type of men's shoes with semiformal clothing, especially if we choose a lighter model (e.g. brown) or a model made of leather other than grained, such as suede.


Men's derby shoes are also called English shoes. They differ from oxfords in that they have an open union, which automatically reduces their formality.
When to wear: will be appropriate for formal events, except for parties or weddings, where it is better to opt for classic oxfords. Brown derbies will perfectly combine with light-colored, for example, beige suits or checked jackets. We especially recommend combinations with dark blue models. Lighter tones are usually combined with casual stylings, although it is not only the color that determines the reduction of their officialness. Dark but suede derbies with embellishments are also suitable for everyday wear.


Aviators on the ladder of formality must be properly fitted. They are extremely simple, made of a single piece of leather, sewn with one stitch on the heel. Therefore, they can be chosen for solemn, evening events. However, they are not as popular as other types of men's shoes: oxfords or derbies, so they are rarely found in stylizations.
When to wear: best with a dark classic men's suit, during formal celebrations or evening gatherings.


Monks are one of the less classic types of men's shoes. They have decorative buckles that replace the laces - two buckles instead of one make them more formal. Brown models go with many semi-formal and casual clothes. They pair well with pants in more distinctive colors, such as burgundy or olive, and will also go well with dark blue jackets and even suits.
When to wear: they are perfect for everyday outings, such as coordinated sets and semi-formal business suits, but only those worn every day for work, not for important meetings.


The interesting shape of these shoes and the large choice of color options make men choose this type of shoes more often. Made in Britain, hence this design. The rainy islands needed shoes that would not deteriorate from constant contact with water. Hence the perforated leather on the footwear. Very interesting look brogues made of grained leather and suede.
When to wear: even quarter brogues, the least embellished type, should not be worn on formal occasions. Brogues are great for semi-formal and casual looks. They are considered a versatile type of men's shoe that can be worn both daily, such as for a walk with friends, and at work, with a business suit.


Loafers are very often confused with loafers, but they have a slightly different design. There are two main types: loafers with tassels and loafers. Tasseled loafers are loafers with a fringe at the top of the top. The popular penny has a strip of leather in that spot, and they owe their name to the coin that used to be hidden under that strip.
When to wear: among the various names of summer shoes loafers are considered the most formal (of course, they should not be worn to evening balls or weddings) so if the holidays in the garden will be a celebration, their would be the perfect choice. Nothing prevents you from creating a casual look with them, for example, with jeans, simple chinos or shorts.

Athletic shoes

The undoubted number one in men's closet is athletic shoes. Comfortable, versatile and very functional. Men's sneakers come in leather, textile or suede styles with a rubber sole. Sneakers also have this bottom, but in addition there is a rubber sole. This type of men's shoes is usually made of fabric, and there are special ventilation holes on the sides to ensure good air circulation. The upper may be long or short, sometimes loosely twisted.
Men's athletic casual shoes can include:


Sneakers are the most popular type of athletic casual shoes. They provide good cushioning and wearing comfort, making them ideal for everyday wear, walks and light workouts.
What to wear sneakers for men according to the latest trends? Today we wear athletic shoes from morning till night, especially at a time when the office dress code is going through a strong crisis in favor of comfortable casual wear. We pair sneakers with just about everything, from athletic pants and clothes to elegant pants and shorts.


Moccasins are very similar to loafers, but they do not have a heel and the sole and upper are made of the same leather. They are also less formal than other types of men's shoes. This is a very comfortable shoe, which is relevant on warm days.
When to wear: in summer, under casual clothes, even the most casual ones, i.e. t-shirt and shorts. They should also be chosen for a light, sporty closet.


These are men's shoes with an open top and open back that are attached to the foot with a strap or buckle. They can be platform, heeled or flat-soled.
This type of footwear is well suited for the summer season, as they provide excellent ventilation for the feet. Sandals should be worn with summer clothes, shorts and t-shirts.

Winter shoes

Above we presented the names of men's summer shoes, so it's time for winter shoes. Such shoes provide the necessary warmth, and thanks to their variety they can be worn on many occasions.


Another type of men's footwear are the well-known and beloved boots, the perfect footwear for winter. They are considered the most elegant offering for guys who are looking for a comfortable, warm and at the same time versatile model for cold days. What makes the boots stand out? They are characterized by a higher top and very often insulated inside. Such shoes can be worn both every day and on special occasions, such as combining them with a suit.
These insulated boots are made of full-grain leather. An ankle-length upper that insulates from the cold and stabilizes the ankle joint on slippery surfaces. We wear leather boots in both casual and elegant styles. It all depends on their shape. In a version reminiscent of oxfords or derbies, they are the right winter footwear for a business suit.
When to wear: on cool, autumn or winter days. For example, brown brogue-style boots will go with a casual nylon jacket, and black derbies with raised cuffs can even be combined with a suit.

Chelsea boots

Men's Chelsea boots are a fairly versatile type of men's winter footwear, but they are considered less formal than boots, especially in grained leather and without embellishments. Jodhpur boots are good to wear in combination with jeans and chinos, which we wear every day - whether to work or for a simple walk. It is worth paying attention to the fact that these pants have a relatively narrow pant leg, because they are tucked into Jodhpur boots.
When to wear: in the fall, on informal and semi-formal occasions. Chelsea boots are best not chosen for important occasions, such as weddings. Much better to leave them off to meet friends.
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