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Types of women's shoes

Have you ever wondered how much you know about women's shoes or looked them up online without knowing their names? Knowing about the types and materials of women's shoes is very useful. That's why we have prepared a little compilation on this topic.

Women's shoes

Shoes are an important element of a woman's image. There are women who have a lot of it and like to walk in high heels, while others emphasize comfort and prefer flat-soled shoes. Regardless of what type you, your wife or girlfriend is, you probably have a certain opinion about certain types of women's shoes and you like heels, for example, but don't like the wedge heel.
Below we present some of the shoes that ladies often choose. We distinguish the types of women's shoes by the height of the upper, the heel, the construction. Each season has its own typical footwear that differs in purpose and appearance.


  • Women's footwear delights with a variety of materials and cuts. We can choose shoes made of a wide variety of materials, namely:

  • Leather is a classic that is still fashionable, as women's leather shoes are among the most comfortable and at the same time the most durable types of footwear. Leather is also one of the most breathable materials, allowing for free circulation of air and maximum comfort for the feet. This is why many people look for shoes made of leather or other quality materials when choosing footwear.

  • Suede is one of the most appreciated materials. Shoes made of this material are elegant, and velvet and soft suede have great charm. These shoes create an unusual style. Suede also requires special care.

  • Varnished material is a great styling idea which draws attention! Lacquered, red stilettos are still one of the most fashionable high heels!

  • Openwork shoes are very fashionable and feminine and extremely airy. They suit both casual styles and romantic boho dresses. Women's openwork toe boots are an absolute hit. Women's openwork trainers are also a sensation on the catwalks of the world.

  • Eco leather is an option for anyone who cares about animals and the planet. Eco-leather can be an excellent material, not dissimilar in quality to other materials.

  • Rubber is a durable and definitely unique shoe with a practical aspect: they are perfect for the beach as well as for the hot but rainy places around the world. They go well with summer looks, including dresses. A hit of the season is the shoes with a transparent top, on a small stiletto heel, embellished with rhinestones. It's an option for the bold, but the foot looks beautiful in them.

Types of women's shoes and their names

In general, women's shoes are divided according to the seasons in which we wear them and their function. We usually talk about summer and winter shoes, as well as those that we also use in other seasons, depending on the purpose and weather, such as sports shoes, home shoes or dancing shoes.
We present popular types of shoes for women together with their nomenclature.
  • Boots
These are popular shoes for spring, autumn and winter, whose upper usually comes to mid-calf or ankle. They may or may not be insulated, depending on what season they are intended for:
  • Elevated boots - we may come across boots with a heel, wedge or platform.
  • Timber boots - shoes that resemble trappers, but in a more feminine version.
  • Jodhpur boots are motorbike boots. Usually flat or low heeled, in leather or eco leather.
  • Boots are originally heavy military boots, which until recently were mainly associated with punk and metal music related subcultures. Today we can also find them in a 'lighter' version.
  • Rubber boots are shoes with rubber or plastic uppers to protect your feet from the rain. Nowadays we can find them in fashionable, feminine versions.


Boots are the shoes we buy mostly in winter, although there are exceptions to this rule. They are characterized by a long upper that covers the calf. The main models of this type of shoes can include:

  • Officer boots - usually leather or eco-leather. Often used for horseback riding.
  • Bottom boots - boots with a cuff above the knee. Often with lacing or with a slot to adjust the width.
  • Cowboy boots - leather boots with a high, characteristically decorated top and a narrowed toe. Suitable for wearing even in high temperatures.

Shoes with a small heel

They are not high shoes or they reach to the ankle. They are often associated with dressy, festive shoes. However, this option also appears in many other versions.
  • Loafers are lace-less shoes modeled after men's shoes. They are divided into many types: lords, penny loafers, openwork loafers, sailor loafers, with tassels or with fringes.
  • Oxfords are elegant lace-up shoes that came out of men's closet. Often shiny or made of genuine leather.
  • Creepers are shoes, visually similar to oxfords. However, their characteristic feature is a very high sole, which adds several centimeters to the height of the person who wears them.


This is a timeless model of women's shoes. They are shoes with a built-in toe and a heavily cut upper. They usually have no buckle or lacing.
  • High-heeled pumps are the standard version of women's pumps with a classic heel or stiletto heel.
  • Stiletto heels - when we say "stilettoes", we can mean a common type of shoe with a high, very thin heel. However, most often we are talking about their classic variant, i.e. pumps with stiletto heels.
  • Ballerinas - shoes that resemble the classic dancing shoes. In their everyday version - usually with a flat heel and a thin rubber sole.

Athletic shoes

Comfortable shoes designed for everyday wear, various types of physical activity and sports.
  • Sneakers - lightweight athletic shoes on flat and thick soles, with lacing, usually with a slit upper. Most often sewn - made of durable materials.
  • Sneakers - shoes closely related to sneakers. However, their characteristic feature is a heavier sole, material trim and rubber heel.


Sandals are a typical summer shoe. They are usually open-toed shoes consisting of a sole, straps, and sometimes a heel.
  • High-heeled sandals are a popular women's shoe available in many styles. Usually lightweight and open, they fasten at the ankle.
  • Sandals with a wedge heel - a slightly more stable version of sandals with a wedge heel instead of the classic heel.
  • Roman shoes - shoes usually on a flat sole, but also on a heel. Lace-up, consisting of interwoven straps or fastened - leather straps.
Remember that shoes, like other items of clothing, should be adapted to the situation, the event or the weather. That is why it is worth choosing them according to their purpose.
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